An Animal Charity Ledger powered by Blockchain.

PAWS is a non-profit charity blockchain project developed out of our LOVE and strictly for the benefit of our furry Pet/Animal companions and family members.


To create the first comprehensive case-use crypto coin dedicated for Animal needs, built from the ground up with a growing network and partnerships of vendors/retailers/and providers of Pet food/products/supplies/pharmaceutical/medical/and charitable entails.


A strong, secure, and masternode-backed PAWS coin that will feature strong secondary market support mechanisms, and a Mastercard/Visa Debit Card for direct use of PAWS at any merchant worldwide*. Using and spending PAWS coin will be uncomplicated and effortless. (*with our soon to be announced processor and direct fiat to paws settlements)

A Secure, decentralized, free from ads, and data-for sale, social network and hub for Pet/Animal owners and caretakers with detailed registry of all Pets/Animals, with an easy to use and intuitive quick data specifics and uploads to the PAWS network.

A blockchain powered, secure, immutable, full pet and animal registry available to users and coin holders of PAWS, with our soon-to-be introduced PAWS powered registry collars, a unique key provided to each of your Pet/Animals with a robust registry portal, which will feature rapid deployment of Pet/Animal alerts to all PAWS wallet owners worldwide, to enable the quickest possible search, identification, and rescue ability.

PAWS commitment and pledge to fight all Pet/Animal charitable needs, including food/care/and all medical needs. PAWS will vehemently challenge the existing potential for any Pet/Animal to go hungry or without proper medical attention, love, and care. The PAWS network will utilize the generosity of its worldwide community to help raise initiatives and near instant crowdfunding individual Pet/Animal needs.

Meet the team

Co-Founder and CEO: Ian (John) Cubitt

Ian is the co-founder and CEO of PAWS Fund. The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care. At first, the vision of PAWS was primarily focused on care and support for dogs and cats, but progressively extended outwards to wildlife and also endangered wildlife.

Ian is born and raised in Northern Ireland brings with him experience as Advertising Director with AdEngage Inc. and Media Breakaway LCC and has been the General Manager of Carebit since April 2018.

Ian was the public face of the PAWS Fund project even before the project was launched and works effortlessly on new ideas and has countless connections to create and implement new opportunities for PAWS.


Discord: @ian#4786 [ID: 396294854218481664]

Co-Founder and CTO: Jules Dubois

Jules is the co-founder and CTO of PAWS Fund. Jules lives in France and is the lead developer of PAWS. As our blockchain wizard he ensures that the blockchain runs without flaws and he is currently developing the PAWS Tracker tool that will be the basis of a series of PAWS services currently under development. Jules works as a Data Scientist for Thales and has previously worked for Alcatel-Lucent in Paris.

Jules drinks at least 5 cups of tea with milk daily and completed his first marathon in 2016!


Discord: @Jules#7692 [ID: 378124945621909505]

General Manager and Technical Support: Jelle Borsje

Jelle joined the PAWS Fund team in a technical support role to help the PAWS community with problems related to masternodes, wallets and to support the team with technical issues where ever necessary. Jelle has a background in IT as a network consultant, but since IT is his hobby, he has experience with and interest in scripting, coding and everything to do with Linux and the solutions that can be built with it. Jelle has more than 20 years of experience with implementing and troubleshooting networks including security, LAN and WAN technologies such as MPLS.

Jelle is originally from The Netherlands, but has been living in Denmark for the past decade with his family and 3 guinnea pigs (ok, they came later). He spends most of his time with his family and likes to mess around with his own servers and programs. Whenever he has some spare time, he goes out for a run to try and get some fresh air. You will likely run into him when checking in on our Discord server or Telegram chatgroup.

Fun fact: He completed his first marathon in october 2018 and is still recovering from it!


Discord: @J3ll3#9391 [ID: 349292729290850308]

Media Manager and Advisor: Servaas Schrama

Servaas founded his own consultancy company in 2001, offering his expertise in server systems, cloud solutions, cryptocurrency technology, and blockchain usage and implementation. He operates out of The Netherlands, and he oversees the PAWS.Fund portal.


Discord: @lecrab#7232 [ID: 425960542566350849]

PAWS PASSION™ will be a core component action directed to fight Animal cruelty. PAWS is not just a network, it is a movement of concerned people just like you that will fight locally, regionally, and internationally with all communities, businesses, and government entities to fight and END Animal cruelty, using awareness campaigns, rescue efforts and more.

PAWS Coin Specifications

  • Heavily Secured, efficient, frictionless, Proof-of-Stake, blockchain powered, with masternodes.
  • Fully transparent blockchain explorer and tracking for any and all use of PAWS funds.
  • Community backed, fully pluralistic governance model.
  • Coin name: PAWS.FUND
  • Ticker: PAWS
  • Algorithm: (POW/POS) QUARK/POS
  • Block reward: 1-9 PAWS
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000
  • Masternode reward: 70 - 90%
  • Staking (POS) reward: 10%
  • Block Time: 60 SECONDS
  • Minimum Staking Maturity: 3 hours
  • Total supply: 21 000 000 PAWS
  • Premine 500 000 PAWS (2.38%)
  • PAWS first 10,000 blocks
  • 1 per block.. 0.9 for MN and 0.1 for staking
  • At block 10,001, there will be 10% donation to Charity Fund and 10% donation to our Operations Fund/ 70% MN reward/10% Staking reward on every block.

PAWS seeks to be the internationally recognized leader in Pet/Animal DEDICATION. Join our mission. Help us harness the power of YOU, to help all Pets/Animals on our planet live better.